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Top apps that make a modern man versatile

Your phone is your life -you use it for everything from your calendar to your Rolodex to your primary email outlet. But it could also be so much more than that, if only you have the proper tools in your utility belt. Here is a list of all the useful apps every modern gentleman should have on his phone:


Distiller, once the perfect app to tell you what beverage to drink, has expanded the spectrum now. No matter what your taste, Distiller offers personalised recommendations based on your situation and offers expert tasting notes so you can impress your friends. Available on iOS and Android for free.

NYTimes Crossword

When you’re bored and need to pass the time, don’t reach for Candy Crush -that’s not exact Crush -that’s not exactly stimulating. Instead, entertain yourself with something more challenging, like the world’s best crossword puzzle.

Available for free on iOS, with some in-app purchases

Weber’s Grill

With Weber’s Grill, you don’t need to actually be a grill master, but everyone will think you’re one. It tells you how to cook things, how long to cook things, and is chock-full of grilling tips you never knew. Available for free on iOS and Android.


In an effort to not waste your time , Longform filters out the internet junk and delivers nothing but smart, in-depth articles’. The next time you find yourself with a phone and nothing else to do, pull out the app and learn something about the world with a nonfiction long story. Available for free on iOS and Android.


A modern gentleman is always learning, and that includes acquiring new languages. A quick and easy way to do that is with Duolingo, which provides easy-to-follow lessons that anyone can complete in a spare minute or two. Fluency in one of Duolingo’s 10 languages is only a few taps away. Available for free on iOS and Android.

Cocktails Made Easy

Honestly, most of us don’t know how to make even a single cocktail.But with Cocktails Made Easy, we don’t need to know -the app has step-by-step instructions to learn virtually every recipe known to man. Available for $0.99 on iOS and for $1.61 on Android.


You don’t need a personal trainer for fitness -there’s an app for that. Just enter in your goals and what kind of workout you’d like to do, and a personalised plan will be created just for you. Then watch the videos of trainers doing the exercises, which are easy to repeat. Available for free on iOS and Android.

SAS Survival Guide

It’s not every day you need to know how to treat a snakebite, but when the time comes to use that knowledge, you’re going to be glad you downloaded SAS Survival Guide. Based on a book by a British special-forces trainer, it has everything you’ll need to know during life-threatening situations. Available for $5.99 on iOS and Android.

Urban Daddy

The Urban Daddy app is like a mobile on-demand concierge service. You tell it what day it is, what you’re looking for, who you’re with, and what time you want to get there, and it’ll give you the perfect recommendation every time. Available for free on iOS and Android.

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